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Nualgi Ponds™

is avaible in 60ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml(1Litre). Please choose in the drop down above!

An innovative approach to improving pond balance,
Nualgi Ponds
is built on a nano silica base with the patented formula of 12 essential elements '
that safely help
restore the natural 

improve water quality and
control nuisance algae.

Engineered specifically to benefit the health of your aquatic plants and fish,
Nualgi Ponds is easy to use, safe, efficient, and yields rapid results.
Just 1 ml / 1,000 Gallons do the trick!!!

  • Combats Nuisance Algae
  • Safe Without Constant Aeration
  • Safe for Fish, Shrimp, and Crustaceans
  • Safe for Healthy Bacteria & Enzymes
  • Classified as Nontoxic
  • Improves Biological Filtration
  • Increases Nutrient Bioavailability
  • Delivers Live Food for Fish
  • Provides Nutrients for Aquatic Plants


Extract the appropriate dose and dilute in appropriate amount of water.
It is important to know the volume of water in your pond before dosing Nualgi.
Nualgi is dosed at 1ml per 1000 gallons per week in ponds with algae.
If possible, Nualgi should be dosed early in the morning.
For ponds under 5000 gallons with good flow, Nualgi can be dosed directly into the skimmer or the waterfall or some other area of good flow.
For larger ponds, dilute the dosage in a jar of pond water and pour it in the accessible parts of the pond by walking around the periphery.


Bernd says: This product is a game changer in fighting algea

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