Ionizer ( Algea Control)

Ionizer ( Algea Control)

Ionizer release Ions into the water, which attac algeas and reduces the repopulation of new algeas drasticly.

Ionizer work perfect against string-algeas (filamentous algeas) and clarify the water decent.

The low wattage Ionizer use is a great plus against UV-Lights, also the very easy installation.
Just hang the probe into your skimmer filter or waterfall filter, connect to the display unit set it for your pond and you are done and your unit works.

A fairy-tale is; that the copper-probe is dangerus for fish, because of the electrizity going through the probe, you release ions into your pond, wich are not!!! dangerus to your fish!

An Ionizer is not a necessity in a pond, but also one of very popular luxuries. While pond clarity can be accomplished with excellent biological filtration and proper plant populations, a Ionizer is the best way to guarantee string algea free water and a good clarity. An Ionizer is NOT a replacement for biological filtration. A Ionizer only makes the water clear it does not help the general water quality. A properly balanced pond with good filtration is the only way to help your overall pond health.