UV-Lights/Ionizer ( Algea Control)

UV-Lights and Ionizer, Equipment for Algea control

UV-Lights help against floating Algea, but not against Stringalgea (filamentos Algea)
Ionizer help against Stringalgea, but are not as effectiv against floating Algea as UV-Lights.

Both will help, to improve your water clarity, but both will not!!! remove the cause for Algea growth and cloudy water!

Depending on your pond, lots of water plants, we suggest the Ionizer,
lots of fish we suggest the UV-Light.

While UV-Lights need to be properly fit to your system ( Pipe Diameter, Pump pressure, GPH-Waterflow, Gallons of Water in the pond), Ionizer are easy to set for any pond size up to 25,000 Gallons.

If you need assistens to find the right one for you, please sent us an E-Mail with as much as possible information about your pond and existing equipment.